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John Bamford Primary

Meet Our Staff

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team Sept 22 (ID 1072)

Our Phase Team Leaders

Our Phase Team Leaders (ID 1071)

  Our Teaching Staff

Our Teaching Staff Sept 22 (ID 1073)


Our Teaching Support Staff

Our Administration Team

Our Catering Staff

Our Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants 

Mrs. M. Johnson - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, Mrs. J. Marsh, Mrs. L. Baker, Miss H. Clay,  Mrs. L. Thurlow, Mrs. L. Smith, Miss. H. Wood, Miss. E. Perry, Miss. M. Howard, Miss. A. Lakin, Miss K. Jackson

Our Premises Staff 

Mrs. S. Hill -  Senior Cleaner

Mrs. L. Thurlow - Cleaner

Mrs. L. Smith - Cleaner

Mr. D. Cole - Janitor

Nursery and JB Tots

Nursery (ID 1030)

  • Mrs E. Dean
    Early Years Leader
  • Ms F. Troman
    Nursery and JB Tots Manager
  • Miss C. Bushnell
    Nursery and JB Tots Manager
  • Mrs C. Williams
    Childcare Educator
  • Mrs P. Riley
    Childcare Educator
  • Miss D. Hall
    Childcare Educator - On Maternity Leave
  • Mrs K. Richards
    Childcare Educator
  • Miss S. Hill
    Childcare Educator
  • Mrs H. Brookes
    Childcare Educator
  • Miss A. Pavier-Grant
    Childcare Assistant
  • Miss E. Greenfield
    Childcare Educator